My Story

Greetings dear Visitor!


I am delighted to have you drop in for a visit.

I love people. I would love to hear your story, where you have come from and what you have experienced.


Let me tell you about myself:

I am a passionate follower of Jesus and I am so grateful to Him for saving me and being my closest companion and friend here on earth.

He is the one who has given me such great love for people, for I recognize the enemy of our souls, the devil, has blinded too many of us of the amazing benefits of following Jesus.It is my passion to help others to live on purpose,tobe joyful,to befull of hope, andtodiscover their purpose in life.


Titus 1:1b-2 NLT

[1]I have been sent toproclaim faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know the truth that shows them how to live godly lives. [2] This truth gives them confidence that they have eternal life, which God-who does not lie-promised them before the world began.(Emphasis mine)


I am an ordinary woman, with many faults, hurts, and hang-ups, who is living a purposeful life because of the extraordinary God who lives inside me. God has been part of my life since I was a little girl. He transformed my mother’s life to one of hope and joy when she found Jesus in the middle of a messy divorce. She taught me the ways of God and I gave my life to Him when I was 7 years old.


As a young married woman, I was thrust into a world of people who saw life differently to the way my mother did. I was not strong in the knowledge of who I was in Christ and this led me on a path of anger and disliking myself. I aimed to please people and did not receive God’s love for me. I was in a mess, but God had not forgotten me.


It was not long after our arrival in Canada, I began to learn about God’s amazing love for me, and for the first time I actually received His totally unconditional love. I began to forgive the manypeople I was bitter againstand draw close to God. As His Word began to fill my mind and strengthen my spirit (the God part in me) I was transformed and my faith strengthened. I began to learn to live by the Spirit and walk by faith, something the church of Christ has not been taught for many decades.It has been an amazing and difficult journey, but God has used all this mess to shape me into the woman I am now.


My late husband and I were married for almost 31 years and now I live with my ChowChow Shepherd dog, Sheba close to a shore of one of the Great Lakes in Canada, Lake Huron. I am not too far from my two married children and granddaughter. We are a happy, close knit family who love to get together for a home cooked meal and games evening.


As I said earlier, I would enjoy sitting with you, enjoying a cup of tea and a good old chin wag!


Blessings of hope to you, Dear One, I pray you will truly find your purpose and joy.







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