The Lord Protects and Provides for His Followers

Proverbs 2:6-16 CSB

[6] For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. [7] He stores up success for the upright; He is a shield for those who live with integrity [8] so that he may guard the paths of justice and protect the way of his faithful followers. [9] Then you will understand righteousness, justice, and integrity-every good path. [10] For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will delight you. [11] Discretion will watch over you, and understanding will guard you. [12] It will rescue you from the way of evil- from anyone who says perverse things, [13] from those who abandon the right paths to walk in ways of darkness, [14] from those who enjoy doing evil and celebrate perversion, [15] whose paths are crooked, and whose ways are devious. [16] It will rescue you from a forbidden woman, from a wayward woman with her flattering talk,

I am always grateful when the sun gives us light a little earlier every day and evenings expand a little at this time of the year. God is faithful. He brings the next season. Things always come to pass.

I look back over my shoulder and find many times God has been faithful and offered protection while giving me all I need. At the time it does not make sense, but as time passes by I see my faithful Abba’s protection and provision. Like the time I was quite pregnant with my first and needed to go into town. I was living in Holland and taking a tram into town was the most efficient way. I quickly drew some money from the ATM and turned around to see my tram arrive and leave. I had missed it and I was annoyed. I told myself it was not a big deal and waited half an hour for the next tram. I got in and only a few stops later I was told to get off and get onto a bus. As the bus drove away, I realized God had protected me. You see, the tram I had missed was in an accident. God provided a way for me to avoid being in that accident and thus protected my precious little girl He was knitting together inside me.

I would love to hear your stories of how God protected you and provided for you, at the right time and in a totally unexpected way. In the meantime, take a look with me here in Proverbs 2, how our amazing God provides and protects…

He provides:

  • wisdom and knowledge (vs 6)
  • success (resourcefulness) and a shield for your life (vs 7)
  • a guarded path and protected way (vs 8)
  • understanding of a good path, the best way (vs 9)
  • a heart full of wisdom and a delight for learning (vs 10)
  • discretion watching over you (vs 11)

His protection guards against:

  • evil and those who say perverse things (vs 12)
  • those who have abandoned godly ways (vs 13)
  • those who do evil and enjoy perversion (vs 14)
  • those whose ways are crooked and devious (vs 15)
  • flattering talk (vs 16)

All this amazing provision and protection comes when we operate fully in the covenant agreement we entered into at salvation, by walking in Christ’s identity and surrendering to Him to be our authority in every area of life. I find this very exciting. How about you?

Dear Friend, God wants to bless you with ALL you need and to protect you. All He wants is your heart, your full devotion to Him and for you to fully receive His Spirit and walk by faith and not by sight. He wants to be the centre of your life and in return He makes you fruitful.

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Blessings of greater intimacy with God to you

In Christ,


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Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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