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Beauty... what is it?


Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


According to the Webster’s New International Dictionary, beauty is any of those attributes of form, sound, colour, execution, character, behaviour etc. which give pleasure and gratification to the senses or to the mind. So really, in essence then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for each person sees and perceives things in a different way.

Just as well! For if they didn’t it would be a world where we would all want to be the same and there would be no diversity at all. In my opinion that would be horrid.

So why am I thinking so much about beauty? Well, I have 2 weddings in one month, my son first and then my daughter almost 3 weeks later and I want to be able to reflect the beauty of my daughter and complement the beauty of the mother of the woman soon to be my daughter in law. What an honour this is, and yet I feel so inadequate...

You see at time when the first engagement was announced, I weighed 209 pounds (94.8kg), and had for more than 20 years, 2 decades, tried to shed those pounds and nothing seemed to work. I was tired all the time and everything pointed to my thyroid not working properly. But the tests always said otherwise and so I began to take lead from my daughter, who during her teens, would stay away from the scale.

I had become obsessed with that scale. It was ridiculous! I would weigh myself first thing in the morning, with clothes on, and then take them off. I would drink my water in the morning and weigh myself again, and then go to the washroom and weigh myself again! Even later on in the day again and again and again and finally I would weigh myself last thing at night before I went to bed.  It became a binding obsession, an obsession with a number and it would cause me anguish, pain and deepen the hatred I had towards myself. I so wanted to lose weight. I had tried so many things... weighing my foods, low carb, points, formulas, no sugar, nothing after 8pm, cutting out fat, I even went to a dietician, but after a few weeks, despite my perseverance, I would plateau and was told that I was obviously doing something wrong.


You are obviously doing something wrong

What could I be doing wrong? I ask you... I was a mother of 2 young children, did my own housework, I mowed the (huge) lawn, I went to step and aqua classes 3 times a week, I shopped and helped an elderly mother and hardly had time to sit down. In the meantime I would eat according to a plan, not eat in-between meals, and ... you see the list above. But time and again I got the same reply, perhaps in a different form...

Well, there are no fat people in a concentration camp!


You really should make a concerted effort to lose weight now


One lone doctor gave me hope, gave me encouragement, and told me that I was beautiful, not flabby so obviously exercising, and he told me I had lovely skin which showed him that I ate well. THANKS DR MOFFATT. But I still yearned to lose that weight.

Around the time that my kids were 4 and 5, I learned the concept that sugar is evil. I also learned that I had hypoglycemia. I read a book called Hypoglycemia- the disease the doctors won’t treat.It was an eye opener for sure. Right near the beginning of the book was a list of symptoms, and oh my, almost every single one of them applied to me. And then I learned that sugar and refined foods are the greatest enemy to a hypoglycemic.

And so my journey to health began at 34 years of age. I began to change my lifestyle, change the way I ate and I became hungry to learn about all this and more.

It was also around this time that I began to go to a Homeopath. This made a big difference in my life too. You see, it was through him that I realised that I was suffering with post partum depression! Steven, my youngest, was almost 5 years old? How could this be? But I began to realise that all I was ever told is that I need to pull myself together and that my mood swings were unacceptable, but no one had said anything about depression. Perhaps your hormones are out of whack... that often happens after a birth, and since mine were so close together, only 13 months apart, even greater risk for post partum depression, but the homeopath picked up on it straight away, and here’s the great deal... he treated it too. One hundred percent naturally. Really! What a bonus. It took only a few months for that to be sorted out and I was much happier.

He also began to treat the children for their constant ear aches, throat infections and colds and flu.



Still not losing weight but feeling better

The day when I came home and was in a coma

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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