2 Weddings... One month – Making memories while moving on...

Philippians 3:13-15 [Full Chapter]

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Weddings bring change. Weddings bring back old memories. Weddings start a new era.

As we have been preparing for the weddings, and actually in that, the marriages too, we have had to embrace a few changes. One of the changes that we experienced in the last few weeks was buying a new piece of furniture. We celebrated our 30th last year and so we have had this wall unit (as we called it) for 30 years. It started out being a place for the stereo and the TV, but as time has gone by technology has changed. In fact, when we started dating, we would still rent the 35mm reel to reel movies with a projector! Video machines were not in, neither were CD’s... we still had the old records! And so when we bought this unit, it was VERY useful and the spaces in the unit were well designed to accommodate the lifting of the lid for the record player, the width and dept required for the TV, and great smaller places for a few pieces of well placed decor. The cupboard at the bottom was great too, a space to hide the record cleaner and records, amongst a few other things.

But since then things have changed... ALOT... and for many years now the TV got a stand of its own because these new TV’s are a lot wider, and the stereo changed to accommodate tapes as well as CD’s and Blue Ray and then of course the PVR and X-Box, and, being creatures of habit, we simply left it and added to the pile.

The space for the TV got filled with all sorts of ornaments and vases with flowers in them, a things we have collected over the years from all the different places we have lived and visited and so the piles grew and grew.

It was pretty, it was interesting, it was also dust collecting, but I faithfully dusted each little ornament, but as I think back, the dusting times have slowly grown less and less frequent, and I began to feel that the things need to go, they need to change. But somehow the motivation was not there.

So a few weeks ago, we popped into town because we had heard that there was a great cupboard at one of the second hand store, Bibles for Missions, and since my daughter needs a few pieces of furniture, we decided to go and have a look. It really did not turn out to be a fruitful visit, but the shop next door was going out of business. A classy shop with classy prices but we were sure that since they must be almost out of inventory that their prices would be even lower, and since we were right there we decided hop in and take a quick look. And what a good idea.

We walked out the proud owners of a fireplace! My husband was not too sure about all this and I wasn’t either actually, since it meant change. But now I had the opportunity to change things. The day came for it to be delivered and we simply put it in the hallway, since by then I had realised, that the move was going to be greater than I thought it was going to be, what with the stereo and the wires, the Blue Ray player and the PVR. And where O where would I put my owls and other ornaments?

Slowly but surely we made the change, pulling out the CD’s and boxing them, throwing out what we did not need and listening to some of the CD’s.


For the first time in many years we played some of our old CD’s, we sang and we danced, alone and together, and I began to realise that this is how it needs to be. We need to renew our relationship, my husband of 30 years has somehow just become part of the furniture and now he needs to come back into the foreground.

Once that was done, we were ready for the great exchange, but that would be a task too large for just the two of us, so we asked if the children could help. Our son was planning to visit on the Sunday afternoon, so we exchanged a dinner for some help.

What a great afternoon... encouragement to move on and decisions as to what to do with the old unit. (Our daughter decided to take it, and use it till she gets something else in the years to come.) Father and son did a great job of putting away the wires and making sure that it looks tidy. And what a beautiful sight. I feel like my eyes can rest, no more clutter, no more mess. It is great.

Weddings bring change. Weddings bring back old memories. Weddings start a new era.

But with the right attitude and God on our side, we can use these changes, memories and eras to move on and grow for the better.

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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