2 Weddings... One month – Jeans & T-shirt are NOT and option!

John 19:2

The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe

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As I sit here and ponder what to write about what I will wear to the weddings, I realise that Jesus has His garment stripped off His body, they cast lots for it, and exchanged it for a crown of thorns and a purple robe... He did not choose to wear that... though He did choose to go to the cross for me (and you) because of His great love for me (and you)!


I have a choice as to what to wear, and I am grateful for that, though sometimes I think it would be easier just to wear my everyday clothes or have someone pick them out for me! But that thought does not stay long...


I know that I need to look good at the weddings... I know that I have to reflect the beauty of the bride, my daughter, and show my son in law to be what he will see in 30 years from now. I know that my son will want to see his mom dressed in such a way that makes him proud to be my son, as well as show my daughter in law to be that she is coming into a family which shines, shines for our Almighty God. I know these things, but finding the right dress is not always the easiest thing.


 A few weeks ago we, my daughter and I,  were to have a normal Friday, off to exercises, a gift I gave us, mom and daughter, to help get into shape for the big day, a meeting with the invitation lady, a bite to eat, a few errands and then home. But that is not how it worked.


We had planned to eat at the place of meeting the lady who was assembling the invites for they have some healthy food choices, but then we heard of an organic cafe, right down town! No problem for us Bird women, we will just make a plan, let’s go... let’s eat there... we have to go downtown anyway to pick something up from a friend! So off we go.


Now downtown is pretty quiet here in this little town, though they are trying to revive it and make it new and inviting... old buildings restored... an art gallery built... and a few lone shops trying to make a living. As we go and find a parking we spot a shop, dress shop, bridal dress shop having a sale. A huge sign...

50%-70% OFF

What are the odds of that?  So we go and eat and while we are eating flavours of curry and spice, quinoa and kale, hot chocolate with almond milk, and these slip down our throats with great ease, we talk and discuss and come to the decision that we will walk through the shop.


Walk through... that is it!


As we walk in, we spot a number of wonderful dresses, 50% off, lovely colours and styles... I had said walk through only. I had an agenda going. I had said ... and then I remembered:

Psalm 37:23New International Version (NIV)

23 The Lord makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him;

Did I have such a short memory? I had prayed to the Lord God Almighty to help me find a beautiful dress, a dress that would help me reflect the beauty of my daughter and NOT break the bank. The Lord Himself had directed me there in perfect conditions, with the bride to be and a sale of beautiful dresses.


So we tried on and talked and discussed, laughed about some and rejected some. The funny thing was, was that I was still wearing my sports bra... we had just been for a workout and home was on the agenda soon after so why bring another bra to change into? It gave me an unnatural largeness which at times was good (if the dress was too big) but at other times got in the way and would not allow us to close the zipper. We laughed and talked and had a fun time and I felt like a princess getting all that attention! One dress in particular, a deep rich, royal blue, with tight bodice and flowing skirts, made me feel like I could dance the night away. It made me feel like I could walk on air... it made me feel like mother of the bride.


In my spirit I sensed this was the one. We both liked it, we both wanted it. We both agreed it would look good with the deep plum of the maid’s dresses and the blush white of the bride’s dress, and we should have left it at that. But then we wanted the opinion of some others (plus to see it on me with a regular bra!) We knew this would pose problems, we knew that it would confuse, but we felt at the time it should be done... so we laid the dress aside and went on with the rest of our errands, going home.... walking on air...

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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