Southern German Potato Salad

My family emigrated from Hamburg, Germany to South Africa, and growing up I would enjoy my mom’s potato salad, full of goodness and yumminess with lots of mayonnaise (and she would always use the best!) plus some pickles and eggs as well.

My oldest sister returned to Germany for a visit and ended up falling in love and marrying a man, thus not returning to South Africa, and he is from the more southern area of Germany, in the Karlsruhe area, not too far from the Black Forest actually.

The potato salad is very different there … no mayonnaise! It is loaded with olive oil and onions, chives and parsley and this was a big hit with my husband, so he wanted me to learn how to make it. He was not a fan of mayonnaise in lavish quantities, so I learned that and it became a hit in my home.

When we came to Canada, my closest friend’s son is very allergic to many things – eggs, shellfish, nuts, dairy, and soya, – this excludes him from many treats. She had tried to make mayonnaise that he could have and when they discovered my potato salad, they were delighted. It is now known as Barbara’s famous potato salad, and when I make it for my friend and their family, I make a HUGE batch so that he can have leftovers all week long!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know if you try it and how you have switched it up.

Love and blessings … Barbara

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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