Seeded Crackers

2017 is the year for me to stay as sugar free as possible and avoid grains as much as possible as well. Gluten does not sit well with me and it sparks off my auto immune disease – Hashimotos – but in general grains and my body are not the best of friends.

My sister Dietlind gave me this recipe for seeded crackers and we made it together while I was visiting her in South Africa in September 2016. It has taken me this long to try this recipe at home, even though I went out soon after my return to buy the ingredients.

It is, however, super, super easy and tasty. This first batch that I made was not all that crunchy, but that is not a problem at all as it is more like a grain free bread. I think this happened because I made a one and a half batch and therefore could not spread it as thin, but as I said, it is a bit like bread, which, for a grain free person is always a treat!

I want to play around with the recipe, it has so much potential to be different flavours as well as be simple, and be just plain salt and pepper.

If you make it leave me a comment, suggestion and even a picture of your own creations of these amazing little seeded crackers.

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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