I was making cheese with cashew nuts and needed to make some rejuvalac  for the cheese. I had no idea what this even was and when I Googled it, I found a mountain of treasure. It is, besides helpful to make cashew cheese, a really healthy drink because it is a fermenting process and thus comes up tops with probiotics. Probiotics are the biggest friends of our gut, and believe it or not, but most diseases are actually initiated in the gut, especially because of the lack of probiotics.

Probiotics also are a source of the B vitamins for us. They are living organisms and so they need to poop. Yes, I said poop! This poop is actually where the B vitamins come from, so to replenish the little friendly bacteria in our gut, which are destroyed by antibiotics, stress, refined foods, sugar and more, we are actually helping ourselves in a myriad of ways. Candida runs rampant in our systems when we don’t have enough of these little bacteria, and this too can cause a myriad of health problems, a major one being allergies.

Try some rejuvalac and replenish your probiotics  today.  I made mine with quinoa because it is gluten free, and would encourage you to try this amazing drink, especially if you have stomach issues. 

If you do not like that fresh taste like water with lemon, you could try some kombucha or water kefir, or kefir made with milk. If all these things are too much for you, you could always click here and try the best probiotic capsule on the market from The Aimcompanies. It is started from a human source, thus it is compatible with the body, does not contain milk products or shellfish, which are often a source of allergy for many. It multiplies when it enters the body and has so many benefits to the system, plus it does not need to be refrigerated, which is always a plus.

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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