Quinoa Banana Oat Pancakes

Pancakes… What does word conjure up in your mind? For me, it conjures up Saturday morning breakfast, fluffy pancakes and some fresh fruit and pure maple syrup with a good cup of coffee or tea on the side. Perhaps even some slices of bacon! Mmmmmmm mmmmm good!

Sadly, the whole picture gets blown away because I cannot eat gluten and most of the gluten free flours are so refined and that defeats the whole purpose of eating beneficial food, and the gluten free pancake mixes don’t help either as they are loaded to the max with sugar… refined white sugar… the endocrine disrupter supreme.

Here I have a recipe which defies all the qualities that hang together with most of the gluten free pancake recipes I have found in the past. I am so thankful to Dr Axe for putting recipes out there for us to try on www.draxe.com  I have adapted this recipe somewhat and have found a keeper for sure. They are light, fluffy, tasty and nutritious all in one. Served together with some fresh fruit and pure maple syrup is a treat for a king, and if you want a bit of bacon on the side, find a natural bacon, free of chemicals and hormones and give yourself a treat on a Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee or tea in hand. Yum!

Try it and let me know what your experience is.


Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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