Fats – almost a swear word for many! And yet they are so needed by our body. For too many years now we have been indoctrinated that fat is evil and it needs to be cut out of our diets, ironically though, obesity has rocketed since that decision.

Sure enough, fats are not beneficial, damaging and fattening if they are refined, damaged and stripped of all their goodness, but the ones that are not, are actually beneficial, healing and thinning!

Refined and damaged oils are like chemicals in the body, the body does not know what to do with them, and therefore it creates fat to store them to protect the body from them. This is what makes them fattening. The unrefined fats, however, are healing and needed by the bowel, bladder and brain.

Our brains are 70% fat! Cholesterol. This is also what creates the hormones in our bodies that help balance and restore the functions of the organs in our body.

Eating these fats that are essential for our bodies to function well, calms cravings for salts, cheese and meats, causes the brain to work well. This in turn reduces stress, sleep is improved and weight regulates. The skin also softens and shines, nutrients are able to get in an out of each cell, since the cell wall becomes more permeable, plus osteoporosis and chronic disease are prevented.

These, and so many more, are the benefits of taking good fats. Is that motivation or what? We need these so desperately, so let us get to ingest them. Omega 3 is best taken from a vegan source, flax oil. AIMega is the essential fat product from AIM, is by far the best on the market. It is protected from oxygen by the capsules that it is in, and it contains the perfect combo of Omega 3-6 … 2:1.

Omega 3 is also a natural anti-inflammatory and is best absorbed if taken with a green vegetable. BarleyLife is super easy and offers pounds of pure barley grass juice in one serving.

For more information, watch this webinar by Mary-Ann Shearer, AIMega for Skin, Brain, Hormones and Inflammation.  She has researched much and given us a wonderful idea as to how beneficial these fats are.

Avocados, nuts and seeds, pure cold-pressed oils such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and avocado oil are great ways to get in some good omega 6 oils, so needed for many things as well. Elimination of damaged fats and making treats at home using some of the oils such as grapeseed, coconut and avocado that can take higher heat, would also benefit our brains and bodies tremendously. Small changes weekly, persisting for at least 63 days, sets a new habit and changes our brain, our thinking.

Enjoy this wonderful guacomole which offers some great fats, and begin to say goodbye to joint pains, cravings, brain fog and much more!

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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