Chocolate Smoothie

Is there anyone else out there who simply loves the taste of chocolate? I just love it and since I have learned to make my smoothies and other treats with beneficial sugars and fats, I no longer feel like I am having something that will harm me.

This smoothie benefits me and helps eliminate my cravings and satisfies me to the core. The AIM Propeas  is a smooth vanilla protein powder made from peas and is very easily digestible, it does not overload the kidneys and unlike many protein powders, it satisfies for up to 4 hours.

The cocoa and AIM’s Cocoa LeafGreens offer a whole lot of benefits in themselves: Cocoa LeafGreens contains raw cocoa and cocoa as well as juice powders of 5 different leafy greens, such as kale, arugula and brocolli sprouts. The quercitin that naturally occurs aids in fighting against allergies such as hay fever, and is a natural anti inflammatory as well. Cocoa benefits the heart and even strengthens tooth enamel! A powerhouse of nutrients.

The flax seeds offers fiber, thickness and some omega 3’s as well, and the avocados also offers some beneficial fats which again satiates and benefits the body in myriads of ways plus it adds to the amazing smoothness of the smoothie!!!

Putting in the spinach is such a great idea as well need to eat 4 handfuls of spinach or green leafy vegetables a day and this way you get them in and don’t even know it.

Play around with the ingredients and get it exactly the way you like it. I am constantly changing and trying new things. It keeps the boredom from setting in.

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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