Re-commitment here I come…

"8 But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.

Daniel 1:8 (NIV)

So 30 pounds down and summer behind me, I realize that I have picked up a few bad habits once again! that sugar monster who had gone to sleep was wide awake and grains had become an everyday part of my daily intake. Oh how I love those grains and oh how they do not like me!

The cravings come thick and fast and I want to eat. Raw? No way… cooked and sweet, lots of meat and dessert to add!

So I have to come to decision… once again! I have to re-commit myself to the process. The process I started on December 28, 2104 and that caused me to feel so much better, more energy, no more cravings, more mental clarity and lose pounds like I hadn’t  been able to in decades.

How was I to do this? How indeed? Well, I had to go back and look through the program and re-discover all the things that I had missed, forgotten, slowly but surely twisted to suit me better, a bad habit that my daughter brought to my attention. Just last night she said: “Here we go again, the Caitlin and Barbara rule!” And she is right! Oh my, we slip from the original and slip from the truth and before we know it we are eating more than we should be and we have wandered away from the plan, the plan to eat more alkaline, the plan to eat more raw, more of the foods that our amazing God created, and then we wonder why we feel so awful, so horrid, why the joints ache, why the mental fog sets in and headaches come and go and come and stay!

So as I look through the plan and talk with my coach, Celeste Davis, I remember that there are 3 plans that I can choose. Redoing the cleanse time and time again, I learned, can cause eating disorders for we are not made to eat such a constricted way… no animal protein, no grains, no eggs or dairy. Sure, if it is going to harm us (as we would have learned from doing the cleanse) then stay away, but if not then enjoy, just in the correct proportions! More alkaline, less acid forming.

So the 3 plans are:

  • Cleanse Eat Treat and Celebrate (ETC)
  • Alkaline diet, eating by the handful
  • Intermittent fasting

Everything laid out in the program I bought from Celeste… My Busy Healthy Life.

So I choose one… The intermittent fasting one. 1-2 days of smoothies for breakfast and supper and a salad wrapped around for the evening before and the evening of. Of course, all my veggie juices and water. LOTS of it!

Now to make a plan… So I go to Google, faithful Google! and download a weekly calendar and plan, for if you FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL!Weekly-Calendar

My Weekly help at organization.

I pull out my

Trump Card… My children are getting married (both in May 2015) and I want to be at goal weight on their special days.

I plan ahead on my meals,  I set my boundaries and let nobody else’s addictions control my actions, I put things in perspective and make SMART goals AND  and I scribble in a place for 

Exercise! As well as celebration days and treat meals. These are of ultra importance.

And how is it working for me? Wonderfully. I have lost 2.6 pounds already and feel great!

Let me know if I can help you to re-align yourself on the path to success, the path to health maintenance, or even to get started. I am so excited about how I feel I want to share with the world!

Till next time… BB

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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