My Journey to Wellness… Food re-introductions 2

"13 So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.”

Genesis 16:13 (ESV)

In my first re-introductions I talked about how God sees me and He is the One who helps me and keeps me going with His strength. In my flesh, you see, I did not want to let go and find out what was going on in my body. But my spirit said it was time and it was better to feel better! So I carried on …

So my first food re-introductions were a little scary, but I was still learning a lot, I emailed Celeste and she helped me to understand what was happening. You see, our bodies were like a baby’s body now… new and fresh. This is why this food elimination diet is the ONLY way to truly find out what your system is sensitive to.

So why did I have such an adverse reaction to meat? Probably because I  ate too much. It is NOT a good idea to eat too much. After 3 weeks of eating clean and eliminating, the food re-introductions are for finding out your sensitivities! NOT for getting yourself back to your old habits!

So now I had 3 more foods to introduce: Corn, eggs and caffeine. I had watched a snippet of a documentary about Genetic Modification and began to realize that we really need to be careful about eating organic and non-GMO. finding organic non-GMO corn is not easy, but I found some popcorn at Super Store and some blue organic corn chips. I would be able to have some Taco salad (with walnuts for “meat”) with organic corn chips. Yay. I really enjoyed that. Plus the popcorn… one of my favorite treats. If I wanted a sweet treat, I could always drizzle a little honey over the popcorn… mmmm mmmm good. Remember, the PST always helped me to see where I was headed and if this was something that would adversely affect me. 

So corn went well, then I had some eggs. Again I tried to get local eggs, free range if possible. It was slowly beginning to dawn on me that these little changes made a difference. The cost was a little more, but in the long run, would the money I save be worth the headaches and the aches that I was experiencing? Too often we make excuses and buy the cheapest, when our Heavenly Father simply wishes to bless us with good things, and the cheap things are… to say the least… not always good.

Caffeine… this was one that I did not concentrate on a lot. I knew that caffeine and I do not get along very well, and so the only thing I did introduce was a cup of tea! I can have tea and coffee, but I really do limit myself to one or two a week. That way it is a real treat and almost dessert like! 

My food introductions were done and my PST complete for this time. This is a valuable document. Keep it as I have kept mine, it will be good motivation to stay away from certain things and a good reminder why! Now it is time to begin to think long term. I had learned that I can eat most of the foods, really only grains, especially wheat, were an enemy to my body. Dairy, I don’t have an adverse reaction, though I do tend to stay away. That throat needs clearing often and somehow I just feel under the weather.

Which would I choose? Cleanse ETC or The Alkaline diet? More about those next time…

Till then- Be blessed. BB

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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