My Journey to Wellness… Food re-introductions 1

"13 So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.”

Genesis 16:13 (ESV)

So my journey carries on…after 3 weeks of fruit and vegetables and feeling great, time to introduce some of the foods we left out. This was not simply a program to  cleanse my body and then go back to what we did before, it is designed to help me develop a lifelong program of eating foods that will nourish my body.

This sounds to me to be a program that is a weight loss program, but each person does what their body needs. Hmmm… See the verse above? That proves that God is looking after me. For years I have been seeking a program to help me lose weight that would not be like all the others, simply calorie driven, but driven by what offends the body. Each of us is truly fearfully and wonderfully made. And now my God has seen me and introduced me to this.

So, 10 foods eliminated: Caffeine, Alcohol, Chemicals, Corn, Dairy products, Sugar, Grains, Soy products, Eggs, and Animal proteins. Feeling great and having lost 8 pounds, I am excited to eat some food again!

The first one I introduce is grains, 3 days… yay! And so I make myself some spelt scones (tea biscuits), another day I eat some garlic bread and a few crackers, and the last day I have a bit of rice and my homemade muesli of oats, spelt, rye and kamut with a few nuts and seeds and dried fruit thrown in. I feel a little bloated but good actually, or so I think! The next day I get to do my PST – Personal Systems Tracker. My weight is still down, J that makes me smile, but during the 3 weeks my numbers went down, which is good, from 54 to 19. Now I check and mark and count up – I gasp! 41 points! Oh my! I realised I did NOT feel so good after all. My joints were achy, was somewhat depressed, brain foggy and …

So grains are not for me, certainly wheat! Now 3 days of veggies and fruit again and then try dairy. Only just a half a day of feeling good again and I eat another food. Greek yoghurt and some nuts for breakfast, (remembering I cannot have any sugar) a red tea latte with milk, some cheese and raw crackers (see another blog for recipes) and a new cheese – raw cheese. How yummy! Not a problem! Feeling great! But first day of eating fruit and veggies again, I notice myself coughing and clearing my throat again.  I’m guessing dairy and me don’t go together too well either.

Then I have 3 days of fruit and veggies again and now the test for meat. Celeste encourages us to try some different kinds which will be more compatible with our blood type and also look for meat without the hormones and antibiotics. The local market here in Sarnia is a treasure for local meats and vegetables and fruits. And it is open all year round! Wednesdays and Saturdays from early till 1230 – 1pm on Ontario street. I find a chicken that is free range and hormone etc. free and buy it. The first day though I ate a little chicken for lunch with a salad and for supper I have a small nugget of lamb. Now that I look back… it was too much. After 4 weeks of no meat and then to have 2 (even thought they were small) meals with meat in one day! Not good. I also should have taken a few more PrepZymes with my meals. So I am up all night. Not feeling too good the next day, but after eating mostly veggies and fruit I feel okay again and cook up the chicken I got from the market. My daughter’s fiancé is coming to dinner and I make a meal fit for a king. The chicken is huge and succulent and it tastes so good. Pick, pick, pick, eat eat eat! I feel fine! But do I? Again that night I am in the bathroom. So the third day I eat nothing but fruit! I could not stomach anything else. Day by day I come back to feeling good.

What is going to happen? Is there any hope of ever eating out again? Celeste ensures me that I will, just not as often as I did before. And that is entirely up to me. If I want to stay feeling the way I did after the cleanse I have to make a choice.

God sees me, remember Genesis 3:16 and He will look after me. He will help me to have contentment in what I can eat.

More introductions next time.

Till then- be blessed. BB♥

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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