Best Animal Proteins to Eat

Below are a few articles to read and to begin to acquaint yourself as to why we need to eat meat that is green fed and not treated with hormones and antibiotics. Take some time to read and absorb what Dr Mercola is saying.

Grass fed beef is best 

Wild caught salmon is best 

Free range eggs are best

Deli meat is dangerous

Other good resources are

  • Joel Fuhrman (Eat to Live is a good book that he wrote)
  • Mike Geary

My health coach, Celeste Davis, said that her husband Phil had lower backache which went away when he stopped eating the hormone laden beef.

I, Barbara Bird, have noticed that when I eat the better quality meat I do not have hot flashes and my mood swings are minimal.

Do your body a favour and make the switch. Slowly but surely… give yourself a year to make changes… I did and do not regret it. It is one better choice a day at a time. The benefits? More able to work, less pain and difficulties and no nursing home in the future.

It is your choice.

Check out the My Busy Healthy Life program for a great system that works and helps you implement changes. One day at a time. I did… on the 4th of December 2013. I made changes one day at a time and now have:

  • Lost 33 pounds (December 8/14)
  • Gained energy
  • Discovered my weaknesses and what foods are poisonous to my own system
  • Lost my IBS and hypoglycemia plus plenty of inches.

What a great feeling.

Blessings… Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird

Barbara Bird


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